A traveller's guide through galaxy

Hail you, dear conqueror, please do me a favour
and kill yourself slowly so I can ignore
the words you have spoken, the madness you stand for,
the philosophy of pain – cruel and rotten to the core!

Bury your fears on a falling star!
Don´t look back in anger `cause you won´t get far!
Like an angel in the darkness – like a demon in the night
you´ll be a misfit, an outcast, a silhouette out of sight!

When water means resistance and fire! means to die
then life is just a prison guard until it´s time to say goodbye.
Remember: Hope is not your friend and pride is vanity!
Because maybe death is not the end I need a traveller´s guide through insanity

Well, my sense of humor leaves an ugly stain.
Behind every beautiful thing there´s been some kind of pain
I´ve been searching for something I never might find
I volunteered too quickly when the contract was signed

They say 4 percent of the world´s population use 9 to 10 percent of their brain!
96 percent use 7 to 8 percent and the rest goes down the drain
- so what will remain?

We´re perfecting the fine art of smalltalk:
“May your skin color always be green!”
“May all your favourite bands stay together!”
So we don´t have to say something we actually mean.

...and the dolphins say: “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

Nächstes Konzert

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