The deeper the wound

The deeper the wound
the uglier the scar!
The more selfish you act
the more you show what kind of person you are

when the cold spell began I had to see
your castle of ice - a closed door and no key.
They that sow the wind shall reap the storm!
When the saint has sinned no one is left to keep you warm

In an ocean of time clocks need to be cleaned!
You pretend to be holy - but there´s darkness unseen!
Did you really think I was such a fool
to not even blink while you suddenly changed the rules?

Good luck with the search for a new clown
- I´ll seek to find a new circus!
I´m done with you keeping me down
- no more senseless running in circles!

Foor those who hang on to the past
the future dies fast!
There´s a new way I´ve found
- good luck with the search for a new clown!

Nächstes Konzert

ungewiss :-(