Trust vs. experience

The midnight rain keeps falling down
- a cold welcome of a new tomorrow.
Another king has lost his crown
to a shadow on the wall.
The midnight rain tells stories now
of joy and pain and sorrow
`cause beyond the ego we gain somehow,
in blunt disdain we fall!

And the swamps remain forever
like silent screams of yesterday
the fogs are - and this means now or never -
dancing with the price to pay
So beware, all you hopeless romantics,
all you need is some common sense!
Noone ever warns you or tells you what to do
when the sugarcoated story ends
trust vs experience!

C´est l´amour, c´est la vie!

The midnight rain now calls my name
the moon shines pale and lonely.
Angel of mercy, would you carry me home
Would you stop me from going insane?
Would you keep me away from the demons below?
I´ve lost my one and only!
The midnight rain dies on the ground!
It´s over – was it all in vain?

C´est une hommage à la douleur la tristesse!

Nächstes Konzert

ungewiss :-(