Working class crewsicians

We started as kids and we learned the hard way
Played everywhere we could - practiced `till our fingers bled
Everything was handmade and that´s how we still do it today
No computers on stage and no wigs on our heads!

From city to city - from show to show!
We write our own music and lyrics
and we know that we´re stubborn and old school and, yes, we have our ups and downs!
Nowadays they pretend to be artists but in fact they´re nothing but clowns

If you can´t jam you can´t play with us
We´re forever damned on course to stay and to just
never look back and follow our visions.
All hands on deck!
Working class crewsicians!

Today they come from the Highlands or some mystical temples
They sing about dragons, metal, heroes and kings
Falsettos of horror using playbacks and samples
Truer than true plastic puppets on strings!

Warriors of steel on the road to Valhalla
if the record company allows it maybe also to the truth
They raise their swords for the mighty gods of money
That has nothing to do with Rock´n Roll but maybe it´s just our fading youth!

Nächstes Konzert

ungewiss :-(