In a transcendental universe

Are you feeling sad and lonely?
Are your hopes all on the run?
Have you lost your one and only
by wondering what to do or what you should have done?
You say your dreams have died in silence
You say your heart´s filled up with ice
You say you can´t trust anyone in this world anymore
and you wait for the jester to roll the dice.
When you can´t get out of bed `cause you feel worthless and small
let this be your wake-up call!

One for all and two for tea,
three for life and infinity,
four - the good times and the bad
...and the galaxy!
Just let new self esteem be your remedy!
The flooded graveyard of epiphany.
Your broken ego´s on the phone.
Secret agent - cover blown!
Stop being a victim of the curse
in a transcendental universe

When for now becomes forever
and a promise turns out to be nothing but a lie,
when probably has slowly been transformed into never
and the last rays of optimism die,
when the winds of hope blow backwards
and the waves roll away from the beach,
when there´s a giant crack in your favorite mirror
and tomorrow´s out of reach,
when you´re sittin´ alone in an empty room,
when darkness surrounds you even though it´s almost 12 o´clock noon
let the light in...

Outer space, human race, big disgrace, cosmic trace....

Nächstes Konzert

ungewiss :-(